Photo by me (Yamini B)

You are sweet as sugar. You are warm as the morning sun.

Your hug is both wild and soothing.

Nuzzling your neck with a beam on my face

While wrapping my arms around you

Holding you like you are the last thing in the world

You are both soft and hard

Soft enough to cuddle me to death

Hard enough to hug me back to life after a long day

Butterflies fly out as our tummies snuggle close

Your arms around me like a shield adorning roses

Protecting me with a caring muscle

Squeezing me out of my breath

Leaving me light-headed like a giddy fool

Making both of us wonder foolishly

If there’s a way to meld into one being

One body and two souls

Usually, one says time slows down

But our heartbeats say otherwise

Words don’t matter anymore

Only touches and feels!

A string of emotions summing up to blissful numbness

In a blink of an eye, off to another world of our own

Our bodies feeling tired but

Our minds seem to be healing

Our hearts keep thriving for more

More peace…more warmth…more sweetness

In desperateness, our lips meet

In a cold embrace burning up our skin

An innocent kiss with our eyes closed

That ends with leaving behind more restlessness

For not getting enough of each other

In the meanwhile, time keeps slipping away

With no desire of whispering laters yet

Our feet stay rooted, our eyes fixated

Our breaths mingled, and our bodies fused

Until the next second, the next minute

The next hour, and the next day…

Hopefully, until our last breath together.

You will be my sugar and, I will be yours.




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Yamini B

Yamini B

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